Agadir Travel Guide

Agadir is Morocco’s premier beach resort and extremely attractive in a 21st century way and situated south west of Marrakech and south of Essaouria

Agadir Travel Guide

4:02pm, 17th July 2018

Southern Morocco’s Resort

The Atlantic coastal town of Agadir, it has to be said, has none of the charms of traditional Moroccan towns. It is not typically Moroccan and has a very different appearance and atmosphere in contrast to Essaouria. That said Agadir is Morocco’s premier beach resort and extremely attractive in a 21st century way and situated south west of Marrakech and south of Essaouria.

It is most definitely more European in appearance and atmosphere in contrast to the medieval charm of Essaouria. However with 10km of beautiful sandy beach to sink your feet into, amongst other things, Agadir also has much to offer, just not ancient medina’s, historic monuments or souks. It is an area of Morocco that would not look out of place on the Costa Del Sol, it is Morocco’s ‘playground resort’ and that’s no bad thing Moroccan style.

The original town of Agadir has been completely rebuilt after a devastating earthquake back in the 1960’s. However please have no fear, no activity has since been registered! There are still the ruins of a 16th century Kasbah standing guard over the modern part of the north town which offer you lovely views over the bay and along the coast.

Beaches, Boulevards & Bars

Beautiful gardens and parkland separate the residential area from the luxury hotels which border tree-lined promenades, boulevards and the beach. There are also numerous restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs, in addition to a large selection of shops and a small colourful souk. You will find 4km from the city centre and built as a reproduction of a traditional medina, the artisan Medina d’Agadir. A lovely shady spot to spend some time on a hot Moroccan day.

Sporting Agadir

Agadir is also the place to visit if you like a wide variety of watersports including windsurfing and surfing, paragliding, jet skiing, and just further along the coast, North of Agadir, there are excellent surfing and body surfing opportunities on offer at the laid-back beach resort of Taghazout.

Nearby there are also four excellent golf courses ranging from 9 to 36 holes, therefore Agadir is indeed a sports enthusiasts town!

Camels By The Sea

It is worth mentioning that camels are not only to be found in the desert regions. In Agadir and Essaouria you can take a relaxing horse or camel excursion along the beaches or alternatively just view the scene as another fantastic photographic opportunity!
Agadir is representative of ‘new’ Morocco. However like Essaouria, it is a town that boasts beautiful beaches, those same sparkling blue Atlantic waters and you will experience the same warm Moroccan hospitality here, to be found elsewhere in Morocco.

The coastal and beach towns of Essaouria and Agadir, in their own very different and contrasting way, offer a colourful, beautiful and relaxing mix of Moroccan traditions in settings both ancient and modern.

A Foot In Both Worlds

Not to be overshadowed by the shiny and the new aspects of Morocco, traditional Morocco crowds back around the roadsides just South of Agadir
Should you wish to spend time with a foot in both the modern and ancient world of Southern Morocco, you need not travel far from Agadir to do so.

Let the time warp begin!

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