Casablanca Travel Guide

This is the heart and soul of 21st century Morocco and represents a more westernised Morocco.

Casablanca Travel Guide

3:58pm, 20th September 2018

The White City

Casablanca, or ‘Casa’ as the locals refer to it, is situated North West of Marrakech on the same stretch of Atlantic coastline as Rabat. Marrakech is Morocco’s red city, Casablanca it’s white and it is the nations leading economic centre and Morocco’s largest city.

This is the heart and soul of 21st century Morocco and represents a more westernised Morocco.

Stunning Islamic Art & Art Deco Architecture

As a result, Casablanca may be among the least exotic of Morocco’s destinations. It may not be as visually attractive or as historically rich a city in comparison to Fez or Marrakech. However, Casablanca has an intriguing mix of modern urban life punctuated by rich cultural traditions. Modern buildings stand in close proximity to exquisite examples of Islamic and Art Deco architecture.

The buildings are some of the best preserved in the country. The city’s unusual blend of Parisian Art deco with local Moroccan craftsmanship is especially interesting and as such, offer yet again such visual delight!

Mosque See

Casablanca, amongst other things, is home to the stunning landmark, Hassan 11 mosque, the second largest mosque in the world. The mosque which towers magnificently in the most dramatic fashion, on the edge of the old medina, on a promontory overlooking the Atlantic ocean, with a glass floor incorporated to reveal the ocean below!

The Mosques minaret is the worlds tallest, standing at 200 metres high, whilst 2 laser beams, stretching 30 kilometres, Star Wars style, point like a giant finger from the top of the Minaret toward Mecca.

Both Chic & Souk Casablanca

You will find Casablanca, overall, to be very European in influence, with it’s established cosmopolitan shopping, nightlife and café and restaurant culture. Residential boulevards that wouldn’t look out of place in Beverly Hills, along with chic French restaurants and beach clubs, playing host to Morocco’s wealthiest and most westernised people.

However shopping in the Habbous district, behind the Kings Palace, you will find a large collection of souks, still very much part of life in Casablanca and where literally, everything can be found.

All That Glistens & Glows

Beneath the building’s beautiful arches anything from vats of fresh olives, to decorative and non-decorative houseware, from exquisite and expensive gold jewellery to inexpensive souvenirs, is there to be haggled over and all within close proximity to the opulent Royal Palace. The palace is only a short walk away from such frenetic activity.

Play It Again Sam

Casablanca, of course, is known for its cinematic history! However Casablanca, you will discover, never has had any real link with the film of the same name, that made the city famous. Not one scene was shot in Casablanca nor surrounding areas.

The nearest hint of the film that you will find is in the décor of the Hyatt Regency bar and the name of ‘Rick’s Café’ set in the medina walls overlooking the port area. Sad, but true!

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