Marrakech Travel Guide

Situated at the geographical heart of the country, it is the first great city, north of the Sahara and the capital of the Southern region of Morocco.

Marrakech Travel Guide

4:02pm, 21st November 2017

Imperial City

Marrakech, over 1,000 years old, rests in the shadow of the Atlas mountains. Situated at the geographical heart of the country, it is the first great city, north of the Sahara and the capital of the Southern region of Morocco.

Marrakech is one of Morocco’s four great imperial cities and upon arrival, places you in a unique North African setting and instantly ‘heady’ atmosphere. This great imperial city remains the commercial capital for the High Atlas region and the Sahara.

The rose pink medieval walls of this ancient city sit low beneath the high peaks of the Atlas mountain range, where the towering palm trees jostle for a position above the medieval ramparts and where nesting pink storks make each vacant turret their home.

Colour & Sparkle Day & Night

Marrakech’s medieval medina within the city walls is a UNESCO world heritage site and home to a dizzying array of souks, markets and narrow alleyways, quite simply the medina is home to another world!

A world brimming with sequined slippers, silks, multicoloured carpets, antiques, lanterns, spices, food items, jewellery and just about any item that comes to mind can be found here. Often crafted in front of your eyes and displayed, in either pool of dazzling sunlight or shadowy light. Marrakech’s souks are considered to be the finest in Morocco However we will leave that consideration for you to determine!

The Artisan

The sights, sounds and scents of centuries-old trade will carry you back in time, think spices, perfume oils, a vast treasure trove of wares and the artisan. Marrakech and Morocco, as a country, still has a commitment to the handmade and the Medina represents a hive of artistic and trading activity.

However when you don’t want to have to haggle, head to Marrakech’s Ville Nouvelle. The new town is home to upmarket retailing, European style cafes, some of the city’s best restaurants and exotic, hip clubs and bars.

The Greatest Show On Earth

Marrakech also a city of spectacular historic palaces, tombs and mosques, seductive hotels and riads, restaurants and cafes, galleries, museums and the iconic square of Jemaa el Fna.

Here as dusk falls, a hundred chefs with grills in tow, create pop up food stalls and restaurants and performers, artists and musicians gather to entertain mesmerised crowds each and every night. It is almost impossible not to be drawn to the square at sunset, and enter into one of the greatest shows on earth. By nightfall, you really will feel that you have entered into another time, another place, another world.

Drama already in progress everywhere you look!

Green Meditation

Marrakech being an oasis city, also has the most beautiful public and private gardens providing you with blissfully cool and tranquil escapes from the frenetic hustle and bustle of city life. You might choose to escape into the city’s palmeraie where a camel ride or quad bike ride through the palm groves can be arranged for you

A real desert oasis in the heart of the city!

Arabian Nights

In Marrakech you have the opportunity to time travel at will by simply walking through any one of the cities many gates. Marrakech is a city of intoxicating contrasts and atmospheres, it truly is exotic, historic, glamorous, rustic and everything else you could think of under the Moroccan sun !

On arrival, this majestic city will embrace you warmly and will encourage you to lose yourself in it’s magic. Quite literally you will often find yourself lost in this labyrinth of a city. That said, the best way to enjoy Marrakech is to just surrender to it

Anyone who knows this majestic walled city will tell you the same, a visit here is all about getting lost and about experiencing whatever comes your way, day or night !

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