Rabat Travel Guide

It is an attractive city of domes and minarets, sweeping terraces, wide avenues, green spaces and atmospheric gardens.

Rabat Travel Guide

4:02pm, 16th May 2017

Imperial City

The most recent of Morocco’s Imperial cities, Rabat, is situated on the river Bou Regreg, north of Marrakech and located on the coast, looking outward toward the Atlantic ocean.

It is an attractive city of domes and minarets, sweeping terraces, wide avenues, green spaces and atmospheric gardens.

Towers, Kasbahs & Mosques

Rabat is Morocco’s capital city and is therefore somewhat conservative in character, it is also Morocco’s administrative and financial capital and the country’s main university city.

The city’s focus on government and away from tourism provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque Kasbah overlooking the Atlantic. The Rabat Medina, the core of the medieval city. The peaceful beauty of the walled Chellah Necropolis and many other of Rabat’s historic sights in a pleasant, low key and non-touristy fashion.

A Bridge Spanning Time

Rabat’s twin city Sale is situated across the river Bou Regreg and connected to Rabat by the Hassan 11 Bridge. You will find it hard to believe that Sale and Rabat are nowadays part of a single conurbation, to cross the river is to experience time travel!

Sale, unlike its modern twin Rabat, remains culturally and traditionally strictly Muslim and has held on to a more traditional way of Moroccan life. However that said, you will find the courtesy extended to you as a visitor compares well with many other Moroccan locations, and sale welcomes its visitors warmly.

Ruin With A View

Moulay Yacoub an Almohad, a Moroccan ruler of the 10th century moved the capital of his empire to Rabat, whereYacoub el Mansour build the beautiful and imposing city wall, the Kasbah Oudaias and began construction of what would have been then the worlds largest mosque.

However, after his death, construction ceased and therefore only the rather ethereal ruins of the unfinished mosque, along with the beautiful and imposing red stone Hassan Tower still stand.

The Hassan Tower is magnificently situated on the crest of a hill overlooking both Sale and Rabat, creating quite a vantage point with panoramic views.

The Atlantic Ocean

As with many Moroccan cities, it is enough to just wander around and adventure when some Moroccan delight takes your interest. Stopping at the Kasbah Oudaias you can look out over the Atlantic from the atmospheric Café Maure, with its cool breezes and shady rush covered benches. Café Maure is a delightful place to adjourn for Moroccan sticky pastries and a glass of mint tea, before heading through the ancient doorway, that leads to an adjoining Andalusian garden. A beautiful 20th-century Moorish garden, featuring a traditional Arabic noria (waterwheel) for irrigation.

Just one of the tranquil delights to be found in Morocco’s largest city after Casablanca, Rabat.

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