Tangier Travel Guide

This legendary city on the straits that separate the African from the European continent, is the gateway into Africa and a cosmopolitan place of legends and myths.

Tangier Travel Guide

12:40pm, 29th August 2019

Morocco’s First Port Of Call

Tangier is the Moroccan city between two oceans, it is here the Mediterranean meets with the Atlantic. The strait of Gibraltar is all that separates Andalusian Span from the Northern tip of Morocco and a heady mix of East meets West. Tangier Ville Port is where we meet clients who have chosen to journey into Morocco via the short ferry crossing from Tarifa in Spain. We also rendezvous with clients from Tangiers Ibn Battouta Airport. Tangier is the ideal arrival city for our tours that explore the Riff mountains and coastal regions of the North including its Imperial Cities, before departing for the South of Morocco or into the Sahara.

Tangiers Hedonistic Past

International royalty, musicians, writers, painters, film stars, playwrights and affluent individuals in search of their next hedonistic fix once wafted into Tangier. A city full of exotic promise and hedonistic delight from the 1940’s until the early 1960’s, Tangier was a Moroccan hotbed of decadence for travellers from around the world and consequently is a city full of artistic and literary landmarks. The city lost its international melting pot status when Morocco became an independent country, free from the rule of France.  Many of its grand colonial buildings were abandoned and left to decay, despite that Tangier has always emanated the slightly faded charm of its bohemian and hedonistic era.

Present Day Tangier

Many of Tangier's magnificent buildings are no longer in decay having been restored to their former glory and now magnificent palms and chic international hotels line the beach and North Atlantic promenade. Tangier's regenerated wealth co-exists with a level of poverty associated with a port town and you will find both on show, nothing is hidden from view. Tangier, it seems, has had to embody everyone else’s culture that it has difficulty defining its own identity therefore it’s a must to head into old Tangier, to its ancient Medina where the scents and culture of Morocco and North African still reign. Here there is no mistaking that you have arrived in Morocco. Tangier is a city full of artistic and cultural landmarks, a reminder to all who visit of its proud and exotic past.