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Morhara Morocco Tours is an independent local Moroccan tour company based in the Saharan palm oasis town of Zagora and the imperial city of Marrakech, in southern Morocco. We offer incredible private Morocco tours from Marrakech, Tangier, and Casablanca, with a dynamic selection of experiences and activities to choose from. We also create custom Morocco tours to suit your specific requirements.

As a professional family team of Saharan heritage, we are able to provide you with insights and a sense of our homeland you would otherwise not encounter while in Morocco. Our Morocco tour packages and Desert tours primarily depart from Morocco’s larger destination cities, making our collection of Marrakech toursCasablanca tours & Tangier tours convenient and popular choices. We also customise our tours to suit your travel requirements should you wish your tour to depart from Fes, Essaouira or Agadir. We welcome any more specific customised tour requests or enquiries, therefore please don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell us exactly what you’re looking for from your visit to Morocco.

We Are About Authentic Travel Experiences  

Here at Morhara, we offer hassle-free private, Moroccan tour packages, custom Morocco tours, and a range of day trips for independent travellers, couples, families, and private groups.  As local Moroccan tour specialists, we can offer and share with you insights and experiences unique to our homeland, you would otherwise not have access to.

We offer private, personalised, authentic tours throughout Morocco and specialise in desert tours to Erg Chigaga, in our home region. Our service and tours are client-centric so that we can provide you with the best possible personalised service. Our tours range from short day trips from Marrakech and adventure tours to much longer trips, such as our 15-day tour of the Imperial Cities, Essaouira & Erg Chebbi

Many of our tours visit and explore the opulent Imperial Cities, the dramatic Atlas Mountains, the gleaming white beaches of the Mediterranean & Atlantic, the Kasbah lined Draa & Dades Valley and last but not least the mighty Moroccan Sahara. All are inclusive of special unique on-and-off road experiences along the Morhara way!


We Are About Desert Adventures

We are local desert specialists, providing Morocco desert tours to the best dune regions, where you can choose to stay in either luxury accommodation or Berber Desert Camps at Erg Chigaga, Erg Chebbi, and Erg Lihoudi Dune sets. We take guests into the historically authentic towering dune sets of Erg Chigaga and we share with you the love and knowledge of the desert we have as native Moroccans. All our Desert Tours include camel trekking and with sandboarding as an optional extra. Should you wish to visit one of the Moroccan desert regions our 10-day Atlas Trekking & Erg Chebbi Desert Tour and our 8-day Marrakech, Erg Lihoudi, & Erg Chigaga Desert Tour offer memorable and exciting desert adventures.

If you want to experience the Moroccan desert but you are nervous about safety, we’d like to reassure you that we are experienced when it comes to safely navigating through the Sahara. Due to our desert heritage, we have an instinctive understanding of the ever-changing desert landscape and our off-road 4x4 driving skills allow us to traverse the shifting Saharan sands with relative ease. Our desert trips are most certainly an adventure, but we have the background, experience, and skills to ensure you are completely safe at every stage of the tour. 

In the words of a client, “Hassan and his team are super drivers, they have the GPS in their minds and as sons of the Desert, they are there in their element.”


We Are About Sharing Our Saharan Heritage

As co-owner, Hassan Lgouchi is passionate about his family heritage, which is intrinsically linked to the Moroccan Saharan nomad way of life.

Like many nomadic families in the region, Hassan’s father was forced to settle his family beyond the desert due to increasing and severe water shortages. As a result, the family’s generational nomadic lifestyle became no longer sustainable and their nomadic way of life had to be abandoned.  

However, the desert and the nomadic calling remains in Hassan’s blood; the ways of the desert belong to his family and to the Morhara team. Hassan is proud of his country and is committed to his culture and heritage. This pride and heritage continues to influence and shape the Morocco tours we offer. It is this heritage and culture — specific to southern Morocco and the Sahara — that we want to share with our guests. 


We Are About Memorable Moroccan Tours

Hassan and his touring team all have intimate knowledge of their homeland, making them accomplished, confident, and considerate drivers and desert guides. The entire touring team has proven track records of managing the holiday experiences of national and international visitors alike. 

Hassan and the Morhara team are warm, friendly, and inviting. We believe that it’s vital to make people feel welcome and the team of Moroccan guides is always happy to have a chat and meet any of your tour guide needs and wishes. All of our Moroccan tour guides are accomplished linguists; they are fluent in Moroccan Darija of course, as well as English, French, and Spanish.  

We are sure you will quickly feel at ease with Hassan or any member of our team when you meet them in Morocco. We hope you will get a sense that our guides care about your safety, your enjoyment, and that you have a truly unforgettable experience in Morocco. 


We Are About Collaboration 

Morhara is an independent local Moroccan tour company based in the Saharan palm oasis town of Zagora and the imperial city of Marrakech in southern Morocco.  

It is often said of Morocco that we are akin to a tree: we have many roots in North Africa and branches in Europe. Morhara Moroccan Tours is similar as we are comprised of a partnership between two co-founders: one Scottish (Liz Coulter), the other Moroccan (Hassan Lgouchi). Liz, during her first visit to Morocco, was invited to join Hassan and his clients on a tour into the Sahara. In the campfire light, the idea to create a website was crafted to further promote southern Morocco and an already established, authentic, family business. It might be said that, from a grain of desert sand, Morhara was formed! 

Liz divides her time between Scotland and Morocco, where she manages the Morhara website and online business. It will be Liz who responds to your enquiry, emails, and tour request, and it will be Liz who manages your booking. That said, Hassan will be happy to talk to you directly if you have any questions for him. 

Liz endeavours to always provide a considered, professional, warm and friendly response to all tour enquiries and she will assist you with your travel plans before you meet with Hassan and other members of the Morhara team in Morocco. 


We Are Morhara

Morhara Is a legal and registered tour company in Morocco, licensed by the Moroccan Government.

TP 58554381

IF 6994381

RC 27/2053

This means Hassan and the Morhara team are subject to regular tourism checks, as are our vehicles. Therefore, you will find yourself in safe driving hands while on any tour with Morhara. Please note that you will tour only with a member of our dedicated team. In order to protect our good name and reputation, we do not work with unknown ‘for hire’ day drivers. Please get in touch if you have any questions for us.

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