Frequently Asked Questions and General Moroccan Tour Information

Read the frequently asked questions (& answers) about our Moroccan Sahara excursions here at Morhara Morocco Tours.

We offer personalised journeys into the Moroccan Sahara, Morocco Desert tours, day trips, and adventure tours. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A Morocco Tour Is A Travelling Picture Show

Our tours and travel routes highlight the Kingdom of Morocco’s geographical and cultural diversity with many of our Morocco tours following ancient routes where centuries of history unfold. We can assure you that no matter the Morocco tour or day trip you might choose, the travelling involved will offer you exciting and awe-inspiring journeys and experiences. The Moroccan destinations you’ll visit along the way are incredibly photogenic, so make sure you bring a good camera and we very much doubt we will hear you ask the question, are we there yet!


Morhara’s Choice of Accommodation

We have carefully sourced the accommodation for our Morocco tours. We feel that all of the accommodation on our extensive list of tours represents and reflects the culture of the villages, towns, cities, and desert regions we visit throughout Morocco. Whether we organise standard or luxury accommodation, we make sure it is comfortable, atmospheric, and full of character. It is important to us that the accommodation connects with and reflects authentic Moroccan design and personality. Our Moroccan tours are authentic and full of character, and it’s important that the accommodation we use is an extension of this.

At Mor’hara, we believe that, as you begin and end your day, your accommodation should provide you with some Moroccan bliss.


Tour Prices Include the Following:

  • Airport transfers (when stated in itinerary). 
  • Accommodation transfers. 
  • Air-conditioned 4×4 vehicles. 
  • Fuel charges. 
  • Private driver. 
  • Guide fees. 
  • Breakfasts. 
  • Lunch (when stated in the itinerary). 
  • Dinner (when stated in the itinerary). 
  • Accommodations. 
  • Camel excursions and trekking in the Sahara. 
  • Informal sand boarding experiences in the Sahara. 


Tour Prices Exclude the Following:

  • Flights.
  • Drinks and snacks. 
  • Entrance fees.
  • Gratuities.



  • All tours are quoted in Euros & payable in Euros or Moroccan Dirham. 


Additional Notes About Morhara’s Morocco Tours

Mor’hara Morocco Tours offers itineraries of varying lengths that reflect the diverse sights, sounds, experiences, cultures, and terrains that exist in Morocco. We offer as wide a variety of tours as possible so you can experience an authentic holiday in Morocco. Our tours from Tangier, our tours from Casablanca, and our tours from Marrakech showcase Morocco’s diverse regional landscapes and equally diverse and exotic culture. No other North African country has the same spectacular variety of landscape and destinations to offer you, as our homeland.

All of our tours are designed to be flexible; they are not written in ‘Moroccan stone’. This means that it is possible to extend or reduce the number of days of most tours to suit your particular requirements. Just let us know and we can make adjustments to suit your needs. Together, let’s plan your perfect Moroccan adventure!

How to Request a Tour Price

Prices for our Mor’hara Tours with pre-existing itineraries are available on Request.

Prices vary according to the numerous factors involved in a tour. For example, the number of guests in your party, the time of year you are travelling, and any additional experiences you might wish to incorporate into your tour. All of these variables make it unrealistic for us to list specific prices in advance.

For this reason, we ask that you please contact us regarding the tour you are interested in so that we can quote you an accurate and fair price.


More About our Custom Tours in Morocco

You may wish to arrange a custom tour to suit your specific wishes, requirements, time frame, and budget.  We will be happy to offer suggested itineraries providing you with a considered and unique tour, enhancing whatever you have in mind! 

The price of customised Morocco tours varies depending on the activities and duration; we can provide you with a quote once we have factored in your specific travel and accommodation requirements. Please complete and submit our Custom tour enquiry form to enable us to begin the process of crafting our proposal and your exclusive Morocco tour.

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